Western Asphalt Products produces a variety of asphalt emulsions, asphalt cement, cutbacks and packages products though out Western Canada and Northern United States.

Below you will find a list of products we produce, if a product you are interested in is not listed do not hesitate to contact us regarding your needs.

Western Pothole Repair - Western Asphalt

Western Pothole Repair

WPR are available in:

  • Bulk
  • Pallets containing 56 bags per pallet
  • 50 pound individual bags


  • Alberta
  • Saskatchewan
  • Manitoba
  • Ontario
Packaged Products - Western Asphalt

Totes and Pails

Packaged Products are available in:

  • 1,000 KG Plastic Totes
  • 1,000 KG Disposable Totes
  • 20 Litre Pails


  • Alberta
  • Manitoba

Asphalt Cement

  • 58-28
  • 64-22
  • 52-34
  • 58-34
  • 150/200
  • 200/300

Asphalt Emulsions


Slow Set product with hard penetration residue.

Typically spray applied for tack coat and fog seals in Canada. This product can be used “pure” or diluted to the desired rate.


Slow Set product with a penetration typically between 100 and 250.

SS-1 is one of the most common products used for Tack coat, and Fog applications. SS-1 is commonly diluted with water at the plant or on-site by the contractor to the desired ratio 50% being the most common.


Medium Set.

MS-1 is used in both tack coat and fog seal applications and is not required to pass the cement mixing test.


Cationic Slow Set.

Typically used in tack coat applications however it has also been used in Cold in Place Recycling applications. When used as a mixing product the addition of Portland Cement is not uncommon.


Cationic Slow Set Hard Penetration.

CSS-1H is typically used in tack coat, fog seal, cold in place recycling and some RAP cold mixes.


Cationic Quick Fog using Hard Pen Asphalt.

CQF-1H is an asphalt emulsion specially formulated as a fast setting fog seal that can be used for tack coating before paving or fog sealing.

It reduces the life cycle cost of the pavement structure by reducing oxidization. It seals narrow cracks, slightly restore lost flexibility to the pavement surface and provides a deep and rich pavement surface color. It can also reduce early chip loss. Application rates depends on the existing pavement, but range between 0.4 – 0.67 L/m2.




Cationic High Float Rapid Set with Polymer Modified Emulsion.

Chemically designed to increase early chip retention allowing quicker return of traffic.



Cationic QuickSet Hard Penetration Polymer modified.

CQS-1HP is widely used for Microsurfacing applications across Canada and the USA. The emulsion is custom tailored to each stone that it is mixed with to ensure the desired mixing and cure properties are met.


Cationic Rapid Set High Viscosity.

CRS-2 is widely used for both Chip Seals and Spray patching. Manitoba and Saskatchewan have limited use of this product however it is commonly used in Alberta.


Cationic Rapid Set High Viscosity Polymer Modified.

CRS-2P is a high-performance, polymer-modified asphalt emulsion designed for chip seal, where rapid setting and enhanced adhesion properties are required.

The polymer content provides flexibility to the emulsion, making it more resistant to temperature variations and stress from traffic loads.

HF-150 A/S

High Float High Float 150, 150 indicates the minimum penetration of the residue. A/S Means it contains anti-strip which improves aggregate cohesion.

HF-150 is a very common product in Canada for Seal coating , Cold in place recycling and other mixing grade applications.


High Float 250. A/S Means it contains anti-strip which improves aggregate cohesion.

HF-250 is a similar product to HF-150 a softer penetration being the most notable difference between the products.


Western Asphalt Products have a variety of applications

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