Dense-Graded Cold Mix

Dense Graded Cold Mix is a type of asphalt mix used for paving and repairing roads. It is applied at ambient temperatures. This makes it more versatile for use in various weather conditions and easier to handle without the need for specialized heating equipment. It can be used for preventive maintenance treatments, such as surface sealing and filling small cracks.

Open-graded cold mixes are prepared from medium-setting emulsions containing sufficient solvent to give deferred set characteristics. The compacted materials have initial void contents of 15-25%. Applications include base and surface courses on low volume roadways, patching, reinstatement, profiling and repair of shoulders. Depending on the choice of solvent in the medium-setting emulsions, the mixes may be laid immediately in mix-paving operations, laid a few hours after production or be stockpiled for weeks or months.


Issues Addressed

  • Minor Cracking (less than ¼”)
  • Raveling
  • Oxidization


  • Increases skid resistance
  • Reduces water intrusion
  • Eases construction
  • Slows reflective cracking

Common Combinations

  • Double & Triple Chip Seals
  • Chip Seal + Fog Seal
  • Crack Seal + Chip Seal
  • Chip Seal + HMA Overlay
  • Chip Seal + Slurry or Micro
    (Cape Seal)
  • FDR or CIR or HIR + Chip Seal

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