Cold Pour Crack Filler- Crack Attack 90 (CA-90)

CA-90 is a specially formulated cold pour rubberized crack filler. This product was specially developed to meet the demands of industry. Our product meets or exceeds Alberta Transportation Specifications (EC-101).

Application: When applying the CA-90 Crack filler product to a pavement surface the following are considered guidelines:
– Recommended daytime application temperature is 10⁰C with no freezing temperatures or rain expected overnight.
– Clean loose debris from the crack and the immediately surrounding area of interest with the use of a broom, air compressor or other equipment.
– Place a generous amount of CA-90 into the area of interest using a pump system, pour pot or pressure tank. Once applied, immediately guide the material into the crack using a putty knife or V shaped squeegee.
– When properly applied CA-90 is designed to develop a skin large enough to eliminate vehicle tracking within 10-30 minutes. (Humidity and temperature will affect curing time.)

Product Specification:

Solids Content Minimum 60% – ASTM D244
Ash Content Maximum 2% – TLT-229
Rate of Curing 24 hours Minimum 50% – TLT-230
Rate of Curing 6 days Minimum 80% – TLT-230
Stormer Viscosity 70-90 – TLT-227
Low Temperature Flexibility Pass at -4⁰C – TLT-231

Availability: CA-90 is available in the following:

20L Pails
205L Drums
1000L Totes


– Some large cracks may require refilling as material settles or cures.
– If tracking is an issue, Portland cement powder or clean sand may be applied to the surface.
– Do not allow the product to freeze. The recommended minimum storage temperature is 10⁰C
– Material storage and application temperature 10-75⁰C (heating is not required however increased temperatures may speed up skinning and curing rates).
– Material can be cleaned up using mineral spirits or Western Asphalts Black Attack Hand cleaner.

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