• We work closely with Road Authorities to understand

    and meet their needs

  • Family owned and Operated

  • Promoting the Industry


Fourth Generation family owned business originally from Dundalk Ontario starting in 1946 after the Second World War. Founded on hard work ethic and respect for the community, environment and building quality Canadian infrastructure.


In summer 2012 Western Asphalt opened the first Asphalt Emulsion Terminal in Brandon, Manitoba. A year later in 2013 Western Asphalt opened their second Asphalt Emulsion Terminal in Bruderheim, Alberta to supply all Western Canadian emulsion needs. Western Asphalt has a fully certified AMRL accredited laboratory for in house quality control and third party testing. The laboratory is also working on research and development of new products using non-conventional raw materials.


    Promoting recycling existing roadways through asphalt emulsion applications.
    Reducing our carbon footprint for future generations

         Recycling aggregate, asphalt millings, petroleum resources

         Reducing Construction Emissions and Energy Consumption

    Research and Development of new road construction methods for increasing lifecycle costs, improving skid resistance, reducing Government budgets.

    Increasing Western Canadian logistics. Canadian National and Canadian Pacific Rail Access in both Brandon, Manitoba and Bruderheim, Alberta.

    Increase public awareness of Preventative Road Maintenance.

         It is uncommon to never change the oil in your car, preventative car maintenance is economically practical. Preventative Road Maintenance is economically sound and a powerful tool used to extend the lifespan of an existing roadway.


Through seminars and public speaking Western Asphalt is focused on:
         Increasing awareness of depleting aggregate and petroleum reserves
         Promotion of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle technologies for our existing infrastructure.
         Teaching purchasing agencies how to extend decreasing government budgets, paving more kilometers of roadway for less tax dollars
         Working with the Canadian Oil Industry to reduce infrastructure emissions

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